I work with a diverse group of clients from individuals to Fortune 500 companies. Here are some examples of my work.

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Tactical Portfolios: Strategies & Tactics for Investing in Hedge Funds & Liquid Alternatives, Wiley  (Amazon Link)

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Wall Street Journal

Fund Investors Are Betting Big on Infrastructure

Now In 401(k)s – Alternative Investments

The Artificial Intelligent Investor: AI Funds Beckon

After A Strong Year For Home Builders, Fund Managers Look For More

Ultra Short Bonds Beckon As Rates Rise

In A Calm Market, Investors Still Seek Volatility Funds

How Long Will the Emerging-Markets Rally Last?

Multicurrency Funds Gain Traction


Europe’s In His Debt

Big Money Hits Hedge Returns (Commentary)

Financial Times:

Hedge fund survey: Finding five exceptional hedge funds (Commentary)

The Daily Beast

Are The Feds Blowing This Ponzi Scheme Case?

Metropolis Magazine:

Memory In The 21st Century City (Editing)

A Healthy Return: The Business Case for Well-Being in the Workplace (Editing)

A Healthy Return: The Business Case for Well-Being in the Workplace 2 (Editing)

A Healthy Return: The Business Case for Well-Being in the Workplace 3 (Editing)

A Healthy Return: The Business Case for Well-Being in the Workplace 4 (Editing)


5 Things You May Not Know About Drone Use On U.S. Soil

London Business School:

Lipstick on a pig? Do private equity GPs inflate performance prior to fundraising? – Private Equity Findings Roundtable | Winter 2016

Institutional Investor:

In Bubbles We Trust: A Profile of Jeremy Grantham’s GMO

Activist Carl Icahn Sticks to His Guns with Cheniere Bet

Quant Funds Invest Big in Machine Learning

Dan Ariely Seeks to Save Irrational Investors From Themselves

Hedge Funds Smell Blood in the Student Debt Market

Investors Put Emerging Hedge Fund Managers Under the Microscope

Chief Investment Officer Magazine (AI CIO)

DIY Annuities Are Here

2017 CIO Innovation Awards

Not All Smart Beta Is Created Equal

Top Knowledge Brokers 2017

Hedge Funds Continue Upward Climb With Event Driven Funds Leading The Way

Multi-Asset ETF Portfolio Best Route for Smaller Endowments, Isenberg Professor Says

SuperReturn Live US

Unfair fights: Private equity on the rise

When to get in and out of venture capital

Investing in innovative and uncorrelated private strategies


Understanding Tail Risk Hedges and Funds:
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | This series was also featured on SeekingAlpha.com

Ian Bremmer highlights hotspots in a G-zero world

Chris Hentemann: the student loan short trade, mortgages and regulation offer opportunity for credit hedge funds

Regulators look more closely at nonbank lending as hedge funds, investors see opportunity

November ’12  (launch issue)








Full Archive – Private Equity Strategies


What’s Innovative, and What Isn’t, in the Federal Health Insurance Marketplace

On Insurance Exchanges, States Have a Choice: Hurry Up, or Lose Out

How Open Source Might Help the Midwest Recover From Drought


CivSource interviews Richard Dreyfuss on Civic Education in America

CivSource interviews Ian Bremmer: states lead on energy, but jobless recovery rough on many Americans

Utah to accept gold & silver bullion as currency, move highlights broader financial realities in USIncluded in Politico’s Morning Money

Detroit Ruling Adds To A Growing Playbook For Muni BankruptcyIncluded in The Week’s coverage of the ruling here.

Health IT revives old startup battles – patents v. open source

Next City:

Making broadband a right – a lesson for the states?

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